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    Photo album

    To see photos of our recent events and activities, browse our photo album.


    Conferences and workshops

    Each year, we invite at least two international speakers to give talks or short courses, and we organized a large-scale conference in 2009 (Photonics ToolkiT). For more information about the conferences and workshops organized by REPOL, click here.


    Outreach activities

    REPOL is very much involved in organizing outreach activities, mainly with high schools in the Quebec City area. We founded the Photonic Games (jeux photoniques) and every year we participate in an event called "Les filles et les sciences: un duo électrisant". All the details about these activities are here.



    Christmas party, cocktails, sports and other networking events and outings. To know more about the socio-cultural activities we organize, click here.

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    Réal-Tremblay grant

    Since 2007, REPOL organizes a yearly student paper contest at the COPL. Each candidate has to prepare an oral presentation about a scientific contribution he has published during the year. A jury of professors from the COPL determines a winner, to whom a $500 grant is awarded. To know everything about the Réal-Tremblay grant, click here.



    In the Quebec City area, there are more than 30 companies working in the optics and photonics industry. Each year, we organize a few outings to visit some of them. From time to time, we also plan special networking events with the industry, such as a discussion panel about the transition from studying to working. To learn more about these activities and the companies we visited, click here.